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If you’re from Austin, you’ll understand this statement: Whatever you might have thought about Texas, don’t. Austin is a city with a culture all its own, comprised of professors, students, financiers, engineers, musicians, artists and freestylers. And we do have some distinctives. I’ll admit that we came up with (and are proud of) the motto, “Keep Austin Weird.” But the motto is about more than body piercing. It’s about independence, autonomy, and the kind of rugged individualism that has made and kept this country strong. It’s what makes Austin strong, too.

Whether in spite of or because of all its eclecticism and personal freedom, Austin is a very attractive place to live. So attractive, in fact, that we’re one of America’s fastest-growing cities. We’re the “Greenest City in America,” the number two “Best Place to Live,” the “5th Safest City,” and funny enough, the “Least Stressful Large Metro Area.” But don’t even think about trying to get a good seat at a Longhorns game…

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