How to Get a Good Price on Your Furnace Installation

From on December 22, 2011 in Air Conditioning & Heating


As winter starts to hit, you’re likely considering the quality of your furnace. If your furnace is 10 years or older, or has inefficient parts, you are smart to consider this important part of your home.

A furnace that needs replacing or updating can wreak havoc on your energy efficiency—which also inflates your heating bill. In fact, you could be losing up to 30% of your heat if your furnace isn’t running as efficiently as it should—or if the surrounding elements of your furnace (such as ducts and insulation) aren’t what they should be.

If this sounds familiar, you don’t have to break into a sweat over the task of replacing your furnace. No. This can be a simple—and affordable—process. And CalFinder is here to help you along the way.

First, ensure that you do actually need a furnace replacement. While you may see tell-tale signs, you want to confirm your suspicions with a contractor. An HVAC contractor can look at your system and determine what you need—and can even give you a free estimate as you begin the process. Check out CalFinder’s contractor database in your area to find the guidance right for you.

5 Steps to Getting a Good Furnace Price

Remember that, if you go through the right steps to find a contractor, you can locate one that will help you get a good deal on your furnace prices and installation—and can help you get an ENERGY STAR (and other) rebates:

  1. Get a great referral from a great source—click here to get contractor pricing.
  2. Find special offers and make sure your contractor knows how to get them.
  3. Ask a heating contractor to show you calculations of savings for EVERGY STAR heating systems.
  4. Expect a free home evaluation.
  5. Get a written estimate.

As an accompanying step to this part of the process, you can check on your ducts and insulation, and seal around your windows and doors. If you replace your furnace but are leaking heat from your windows, you can still lose a lot of money by literally throwing it out the window.

If your entire furnace needs replacing, and not just maintenance or partial replacement, then consider going with an ENERGY STAR furnace. Depending on where you live, you can receive green remodeling rebates (as your contractor about them) and save up to $200 on your annual energy bill. With all of the potential savings, a new HVAC at a good furnace price is definitely worth looking into.