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Six tips to Maximize Small Bathroom Space

October 08, 2013 in Bathroom Remodel

Not all homes are blessed with an overabundance of bathroom space. If your bathroom is feeling a little on the cramped side, use one of these six easy tips to maximize your space. Install a Pedestal Sink Not only are pedestal... read full post →

5 Space-Saving Vanities for Your Small Bath Remodel

March 05, 2012 in Bathroom Remodel

Vanities are amazing in their ability to not only add a unique quality to your small bathroom remodel, but in their ability to also provide that much-needed extra space. Without cluttering the bathroom. You need all the space you can get!... read full post →

How to Narrow Down Your Perfect Bathroom Vanity

February 29, 2012 in Bathroom Remodel

Whether you’re remodeling your whole bathroom or simply updating the look, choosing a new bathroom vanity is a big deal. A vanity is often the largest piece of furniture in the bathroom, working as the focal point, the object that... read full post →

7 Things Your Bathroom Contractor Won’t Tell You

February 24, 2012 in Bathroom Remodel

Have you ever wondered if there are things that contractors like to keep as professional secrets? Even the most honest, hardworking contractor has insider knowledge that you might not see from the consumer-homeowner side of things.... read full post →

How to Remodel Your Bathroom in Style (Even On a Shoestring Budget)

February 22, 2012 in Bathroom Remodel

If you’re anything like the millions of home and apartment owners out there, then you’d like to do a bathroom remodeling project with quality and style—without spending much money. Perhaps you simply want to update your... read full post →
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