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Consumer Alert: Toxic Chinese-Made Drywall

August 11, 2010 in Building Materials

While Chinese drywall may have been seen a few years ago as a quick solution to dwindling supplies of American-made drywall, it has now become a massive health and building hazard. Constructed from iron sulfide, hydrogen sulfide,... read full post →

20 Direct Buy Sites for Your Home Remodeling Project

June 22, 2009 in Building Materials

The money you can save when buying online is mind boggling. Big savings are available for members of DirectBuy. This wholesale internet site offers great deals on name brands, but membership is required in order to reap the benefits. They... read full post →

Knowledge is Power if You’re Exposure to Asbestos

May 18, 2009 in Building Materials

Photo credit: You don’t hear much about asbestos anymore - except for the occasional and annoying “if-you-have-a-phone-then-you-have-a-lawyer” commercials warning about mesothelioma. Chances are you will never... read full post →

Animal House ... Building?

April 13, 2009 in Building Materials

Photo Credit: Jeremy Levine Design It is endlessly amazing the way that animal and human life mimic each other. We chuckle and watch the way birds court each other or watch a unique dog whose bark somehow sounds like an English word. But... read full post →

Dangerous Chinese Drywall in American Homes

April 09, 2009 in Building Materials

Does your house smell like rotten eggs? Do your lights flicker for no reason? Are you suffering from dizzy spells, swollen joints, nose bleeds, rashes, or headaches? If you’re nodding your head yes you may be a victim of a Chinese... read full post →
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