How to Find a Contractor: The Number-One Secret You Need to Know

From on April 04, 2011 in CalFinder News

Remodeling Contractor Working with ClientAre contractors competing for your business? Are they going above and beyond, offering fast service and detailed estimates to win you over?

If not, you should probably learn the #1 homeowner’s secret to a successful remodel.

This trick gets you remodeling contractors like no other. Not just regular old workers, but experienced craftsmen with an eye for quality yet affordable renovations.

Think of it as a one-step stairway to remodeling heaven.

Brace yourself — the #1 secret to finding great contractors is to . . .

. . . click here.

Yes, it really is that simple.

Kitchen Remodel By CalFinder Contractor

The Best Contractors are CalFinder Contractors

What comes with CalFinder referrals? Besides the aforementioned wonderfulness, if you grab your FREE contractor referrals here, you’ll get remodeling pros that are also:

  • Licensed and Insured — this may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised at the number of scam contractors out there.
  • Local to you — a shorter commute means fewer costs passed on to you.
  • Quality Certified — CalFinder Certification is the blue ribbon of contractor inspection.

Personally, I’ve read a lot of horror stories about kitchen remodels, bathroom remodels and whole-home renovations that stretched on for months — sometimes even years — because the contractors couldn’t pull themselves together.

They were overbooked, under-skilled, or worse . . . they had fled the job.

Your best protection is a network of certified contractors. A point and click, grab your estimates and be on your merry way referral service. And that’s exactly what we provide at CalFinder. No hassle, no fuss, no delay.

Just Look at These Beauties

But hey, I’ll let our recent remodeling pictures do the talking. Check out a few projects completed by CalFinder Contractors below:

Window Replacement By CalFinder Remodeling Contractors

Home renovation with multiple replacement windows

White Kitchen Remodel By CalFinder Contractors

Kitchen remodel with new kitchen island

Modern Bathroom Remodel in Warm Earth Tones - CalFinder Contractors

Modern bathroom remodel in warm, soothing earth tones

Light Tiled Spa-Style Bathroom Remodel - CalFinder Contractors

And another with light-colored tile and spa-quality stone

- - -

Ready to get started? Here’s that link again, and happy remodeling!