3 Ways to Make Your Patio Sparkle

From on July 28, 2010 in Decks and Patios

patio fireplace

Whether you have a sprawling back patio or a small urban balcony, you can create a memorable and inviting ambience. Though a beautiful patio structure and stunning view are ideal, the less-than-ideal spaces can transform with these three simple touches.

#1 – Get the Lighting Right

patio lightsTwinkle lights never go out of vogue or invite less than gleeful responses. Think of those restaurant patios covered in lighting that make you think you’ve floated to the stars. You can’t put up too many and you can’t get it wrong. This is a no-brainer.

#2 – Play with Fire

Even the smallest of pack porch spaces can accommodate a free-standing fire pit, found at home improvement stores for as cheap as $50. Whether you’re reading on your own through the evening or laughing over wine with friends, the warmth and draw of even the quaintest fire draws us into another world.

#3 – Green it Up

patio herb garden Infuse your patio with greenery! Not only does this reinvent the space, it adds life (and sometimes delicious herbs and veggies) to a simple back porch space. Set potted palm trees or orange and lemon trees in corners of your huge patio, or line your apartment’s back patio with urban window boxes. Impress dinner guests with your design panache, your green thumb, and the amazing Caprese salad made with your own fresh basil and tomatoes. Mmm!

Sparkly Photos: Sival & Steph Adamo