5 Spectacular Stenciled Floors

From on March 04, 2011 in Flooring

stenciled dining room floors

When stuck with drab, worn-out flooring, many homeowners go the traditional route and replace it with something shiny, new, and generally costly. But there are far more creative ways to liven up your flooring without starting from scratch. Case in point: stenciled flooring.

Whether it’s a temporary fix or one you wouldn’t mind keeping for years to come, stenciled flooring lets you be the artist and showcase your talent front and center. The design and color options are endless, but here are a few from CasaSugar we thought were particularly fetching.

stenciled diamond kitchen floor#1—If you’d rather your stencil design blend into its surroundings, consider trying a large diamond pattern like this one. It makes the room pop without being too loud.

stenciled floors living room#2—The lacy pink flowers on this floor provide an interesting, romantic touch. The stenciling was contained to one area so as not to be too overpowering.

grey pink stenciled floor#3—In a room brimming with bright colors, the large gray stenciling on this floor provide an easy focal point—without competing with the lively surroundings.

stenciled floors green kitchen#4—This white flower pattern paired is oh-so retro and stylish.

blue kitchen stenciled floor#5—Do you want your flooring to reflect the theme of your room? This bright and airy kitchen with an understated seaside decor was brought to life with a flooring revamp.

Before you spend a fortune replacing your outdated flooring, consider these out-of-the-box solutions. If nothing else, it’ll be a fabulous conversation piece.