Flooring and Forestry: The Legacy of EcoTimber

From on May 24, 2010 in Flooring

When a company wins a top-ten spot from the Green Building Products Earth Day Awards, it’s time to perk up. They’re doing something right. One of those companies is called EcoTimber. Their name describes their passion—beautiful and eco-friendly hardwood flooring.

ecotimber hardwood flooring

One Company with Two Causes

Eco Timber isn’t just about producing stunning floors. We’ll talk about the stunning floors in a second. It’s what they’re doing in and among forests that really makes a difference. A floor ought to be a healthy entity—healthy for the people who walk on it, and healthy for the forests from which it comes. That is the purpose of EcoTimber. Sustainability issues are of paramount importance to the company, which is why they have pioneered innovations in wood harvesting, forest reclamation and replanting. EcoTimber boasts the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) seal, and has been reviewed by the most reputable environmental groups in the industry. EcoTimber retains impeccable results on all reviews.

Friendly Flooring

A flooring company with merely high marks from forestry councils wouldn’t be much of a company. What about the flooring quality? EcoTimber has that, too. They have a sizeable collection of traditional woods, including white oak, hickory, hard maple, and birch. Each of these woods is carbon-friendly with a classic look. ecotimber ecoreserve flooring

The EcoReserve collection features Birch, Walnut, Red Maple and Hickory. Dark tones and rich grains distinguish these woods.

ecotimber maple flooring

The three woods under the EcoVintage label—Strandwoven Poplar, Pecan, and Walnut—each have an intriguing look. The woven look of the textured grain is unique to poplar. Pecan woods feature a close grain and occasional knots. The walnut’s light simplicity and rugged aura are an attractive choice as well.

ecotimber bamboo flooringWoven Bamboo in Honey tones

ecotimber ecovintage flooring

EcoTimber also has one of the best bamboo collections in the industry. Their bamboo flooring collection is expansive, featuring solid traditional colors as well as woven and dyed varieties.

EcoTimber is a company with a legacy. Whether you’re walking on their durable floors or hiking through one of their reclaimed forests, it’s a legacy making a difference for the planet and her people.