Top Remodeling Projects for 2014

From on January 02, 2014 in General

​With every new year, it seems all anyone can talk about is their list of resolutions. Diets and gym memberships are a given, but savvy homeowners are adding several home improvement projects to the top of their lists. Remodeling your home is a great way to maintain your home’s value and enhance the atmosphere. These top remodeling projects for 2014 are centered around making your home warm and inviting, modern, and environmentally conscious for the new year.

Inviting Bathrooms

The look of your bathroom is essential to creating a warm and relaxing atmosphere in your home. Top trends for 2014 will be warm neutrals, such as stone and sand colored floors and walls, paired with relaxing cool accents for a balanced look. Add some glass tile to add a hint of shine to finish off the look. Heated flooring is also quickly becoming a must-have in bathrooms.

Bold Colors

Though the trend for bathrooms is following a more muted palette, living areas are ready for bold and bright solids to liven up the home. Geometric baseboards and trim give your den a modern, fun look. Pair strong compliments like plum and sunflower yellow, or olive and redwood to make your living areas pop! Bold wall accents will pair well with furnishings that feature modern design elements such as geometric patterns or solid compliments.

Rethink Paving

For a driveway that’s both aesthetic and environment friendly, consider permeable paving. This simple switch benefits both you and the environment by reducing the risk of flooding as well as the amount of polluted water by allowing rain water to into the soil. The porous gap-spaced paving looks great and works well for driveways, walkways and patios and will be sure to make your house stand out.

Deck Space

Building a deck has always been a popular remodeling project, and for good reason. Decks provide an open space for family functions, parties, grilling, and much more. If you already have a deck, this would be the perfect year to expand it, or even rebuild it from the ground up and make it your own. Consider complimenting your raised deck with a stair leading to a stone patio to open up your backyard space even more.

Energy Aware

It’s never too late to invest in energy efficient appliances and home upgrades. Switching to more efficient appliances will save you money in the long run. Adding insulation in your walls and attic also increases home energy efficiency, and helps you save on utility bills. One of the biggest causes of energy loss in homes is poor air sealing: for the best results, hire a qualified technician to give your home an energy assessment.

Technology in the Home

With the vast array of technology at our fingertips in 2014, upgrading your home security will put your worries to rest and make your life simpler. You can install a lock that fits over your deadbolt and unlocks with a signal from your smartphone for added security. Other important options to consider are programmable thermostats to save energy, USB ports in outlets, or smoke and carbon monoxide detectors that speak to you instead of just beeping. So many new products are on the market to make your life safer and easier, and the start of the new year is the perfect time to upgrade your home.