Which Home Remodeling Projects Brought the Highest Return in 2009?

From on March 23, 2010 in General

If you’re thinking about tackling those home remodeling projects before sticking the “For Sale” sign in the front yard, make sure that your improvements will actually get you that extra money you’re hoping for. While the market may be ghastly enough to deter even the bravest of brave souls, remodeling roithere are some universal tips that can guide you in the right direction. According to the 2009 Cost vs. Value Report by REALTOR Magazine, the remodeling projects that offer the highest investment returns are:

Following these, but not quite as high on the list, are:

For some, however, a budget may place a constraint on the heavy construction remodels. In this case, there are small cosmetic changes and simple repairs that can mean the difference between a sale and an extra few months on the market. Ensuring that all appliances are working, sinks aren’t leaking, and windows are intact can ease a potential homebuyer’s mind without breaking the bank. In addition, new paint can do wonders in making a space feel fresh and clean.

If you still aren’t quite sure which path is best for your particular situation, don’t hesitate to bring in the professionals. Talk to a real estate professional that can help you decide what projects are best to tackle in this economic client, a contractor that can give you a precise price quote, and a financial planner that can let you know what fits into your budget. And of course, stop to ask yourself, what would absolutely sell me on this house?

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