A Grown-Up Fort in Berkeley, California

From on January 17, 2011 in Home Additions

grown-up fort berkeley

Behind the renovated 1906 Victorian of Sarah Deeds and John McBride lies a 120-square-foot office and art studio. Where normally a carriage house would stand on such a historic property, Deeds of Deeds Design and McBride, a carpenter, have created what they consider a kind of fort.

grown-up fort patio

In fact, Deeds put in a large south-facing window to overlook a California buckeye tree that provides welcome summer shade, to contribute to the building’s “clubhouse feel.”

grown-up fort dining

Since it was a design project, Deeds felt the luxury of changing the project according to need throughout the process—even during construction. With the pentagon shape created to maximize interior space, such an individualized design needed tweaking along the way.

grown-up living roomgrown-up fort office

The teensy space integrates into the nature around it. From salvaged wood, eco-intelligent fiberglass, a door from a previous project, VOC-free paints and finishes—and even denim cotton insulation—this little edition is simply grand.

grown-up fort night

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