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‘Triangle’ Efficient Kitchen Design for the Modern Home Chef

January 19, 2015 in Kitchen Remodel

by Kerrie Kelly, ASID For interior designers and contractors, the “kitchen work triangle” is an all-too-common concept, but if you haven’t heard the lingo before, it simply refers to a standard layout for kitchen efficiency... read full post →

4 Benefits of Cabinet Refacing

March 19, 2014 in Kitchen Remodel

A kitchen, in many homes, is the central place that brings everyone together to cook, eat and enjoy life. Whether the heart of your house is in need of a facelift or just ready to be reinvented - cabinet refacing offers a quick and... read full post →

Updating a kitchen backsplash

October 09, 2013 in Kitchen Remodel

When trying to update the look of a kitchen, it can often be as simple as adding a backsplash. There is such a variety of options to choose from that it can be just the accent a homeowner is looking for to bring style, ambiance and elegance... read full post →

The 5 Laws for Choosing Your Perfect Kitchen Island

March 07, 2012 in Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen islands are an exciting addition to any kitchen. Compared to some remodeling projects that are less sexy (like a toilet replacement), or those that take months of upheaval (like a bedroom wing added to a house), an island can... read full post →

5 Steps to Get You Cooking in Your Renovated Kitchen

February 24, 2012 in Kitchen Remodel

You’ve thought long and hard about working on your kitchen. Maybe you’ve even come as far as to have a specific plan in mind. You’ve priced out materials. Hired a contractor. You’re rubbing your hands together in... read full post →
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