5 Ways To Design A Kitchen Backsplash With a Bang

From on January 19, 2012 in Kitchen Remodel


We’ve talked a lot about kitchen remodeling, and how valuable it is for your home’s beauty and sell-ability. We’ve talked about how beneficial replacing big appliances can be. And, while that is all true, we don’t want to miss out on a small kitchen detail that happens to play a large part in the functionality and aesthetics of your kitchen: the backsplash.

Commanding your attention when you enter the room, the kitchen backsplash offers an immediate mood and tone for the kitchen. Not to mention how important a backsplash is in keeping the space grime-free and protecting the walls as you whip up that perfected chocolate cake or serve up your signature coq au vin.

Replacing your backsplash is a quick and cheap way to give your kitchen a facelift, while adding to its functionality.

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Here are five simple backsplash ideas that we love.

1. Stainless Steel

Durable, sleek and easy to clean, stainless steel is a favorite. Adding a hint of industrial chic to any kitchen, stainless steel backsplash material lasts forever and can be found from the highest end to affordable, DIY-friendly places like IKEA. A simple swipe gets the grime off. The look pairs well with light marble countertops for a timeless modern juxtaposition.

2. Individualized Designs

If you’re a die-hard fan of tile backsplashes, then consider doing something unique with your new tile. Tiling is a great choice because it becomes the entire wall itself, eliminating the need for another layer of a backsplash. Tiling is traditional and can be individualized, as in a mosaic backsplash, to create a kitchen like no one else has seen before. This is a great choice for the artistic type and for those who have children. Consider having your children’s drawings minimized and placed on each individual tile (keep to black and white for uniformity). But of course you can’t go wrong with sleek, modern tile, such as glass tile, which comes in as many variations as you can conceive in your excited mind.


3. High-Gloss Paint

Tiling and additional materials may not be your cup of tea—or within your budget. Perhaps you live in an apartment where you want to refresh your backsplash without breaking the bank for something you don’t own in the first place. Consider a high-gloss painted backsplash. You can give your kitchen an entirely new look and cleaner feel with a weekend paint job. Keep in mind that as a backsplash, it does collect that strange gooey layer that seems to descend on the surfaces surrounding the stove, so keep it clean with a quick and often swipe down with light soap and water.

4. Repurposed Materials

We love the idea of reusing materials that otherwise would become obsolete waste. Consider finding done-for materials and giving them new life in your kitchen. One simple and unique material is broken mirrors. Acquired for next-to-nothing, you can create a kind of mosaic by plastering large chunks of mirror to your kitchen wall. metal-backsplash

5. Don’t Overlook Tin

While this can also be found in used materials warehouses, tin (either used or new) adds another material dimension to your kitchen while also providing an excellent and easy-to-keep backsplash. Because of its pliability, a tin backsplash can also add subtle shape and form to your kitchen walls.

How Much Does a Backsplash Cost?

That question really depends on the type of backsplash materials you choose, as well as the cost of installation. The more complex the design and installation, the pricier the backsplash. For a better idea of how the materials compare, see Kitchen Backsplash Cost Comparison.