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Chicken Crazy in a Modern Portland Hen House

November 09, 2010 in Landscaping

The thought of having fresh organic eggs straight from your urban backyard sounds enticing, though a potential feather-laden mess. Architects Shelley Martin and Mitchell Snyder solved the problem when they moved to Portland to launch a... read full post →

Organic Swimming Pools

August 18, 2010 in Landscaping

While there’s nothing better than that retro swimming-pool smell in the summer, chlorinated pools are causing increasing health concerns, including asthma and wheezing in kids, and unhealthy natural chemical breakdowns—not... read full post →

Eclectic Curb Appeal: How to Attract, Not Distract

July 20, 2010 in Landscaping

You want the exterior of your home to stand out, to make neighbors and friends gasp with delight. But you don’t want to be so “out there” that you marginalize yourself and distract rather than attract prospective buyers.... read full post →

Man Grows Amazing Backyard Forest

July 01, 2010 in Landscaping

After moving back to his childhood home, and in the midst of caring for two parents in failing health, Ric Venzie decided he needed a retreat that could heal his mind and rejuvenate his body. He found it in the backyard of his childhood... read full post →

Inspiration for an Artful Outdoor Space

May 25, 2010 in Landscaping

Are you pining away for some lounge time in the great outdoors? I don’t blame you. As the seasons warm, all I can think about is hitting the patio with a good book and icy margarita. Here with an eye for attractive outdoor living... read full post →
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