Eclectic Curb Appeal: How to Attract, Not Distract

From on July 20, 2010 in Landscaping

You want the exterior of your home to stand out, to make neighbors and friends gasp with delight. But you don’t want to be so “out there” that you marginalize yourself and distract rather than attract prospective buyers. It’s a juggle between individuality and a certain expected conformity. Where does the balance lie? Perhaps in these examples…

eclectic curb appeal landscaping

We can’t overemphasize the power of plants. Meticulous landscaping not only puts a nice house into the breathtaking category, but also suggests to potential buyers the quality with which the entire property has been kept. An exterior element that can non-intrusively be changed, a landscape can be built upon or recreated entirely by the buyer.

eclectic curb appeal patio

Make your mark—with discretion. Stick with classic colors and structures for the major exterior elements, and then express yourself through smaller details, such as this chandelier, dining set, and natural, well-kept greenery. You will create uniqueness without overwhelming a potential buyer with divergent taste.

eclectic window treatments

Remember your shades. Any house looks its most fabulous when painted meticulously—and kept to a shade within a traditional range (no electric-blue paint jobs, if you please). Also consider how the shades and curtains from within contribute to the exterior appeal. Keeping a uniform look—and keeping distracting, blocking furniture like headboards out of the way—creates an overall crisp, deliberate look that goes a long way.

Photo Credit: AHBL, Landart, & StoneBreakerBuilders