Inspiration for an Artful Outdoor Space

From on May 25, 2010 in Landscaping

Are you pining away for some lounge time in the great outdoors? I don’t blame you. As the seasons warm, all I can think about is hitting the patio with a good book and icy margarita. artful landscape arbor Here with an eye for attractive outdoor living spaces: Bourne + Blue Architecture from Australia. The gurus helped one family remodel their typical backyard patio, which was being used for function, storage (and other tragically boring purposes), and artfully transformed it into an inspired outdoor oasis. artful landscape beforeBefore = yuck! In the before picture, you get the sense of a young family with small children bursting out of a house too cramped for them. But from the post-remodel shots, you can see a home more befitting a comfortable family lifestyle, a home that has plenty of room for function but just as much for enjoyment as well. artful landscape patio The patio remains a concrete attachment to the back of the house, but is now completely transformed. Where once there was clutter, now there is space and signs of leisure. One of the most incredible features of the new back patio is actually a progression of the house remodel – the addition of large windows and glass doors, allowing the family within to enjoy views of their patio, yard and garden. artful landscape kitchen While the house and concrete are gray in hue, lovely accents have been added to warm up the patio and give it some character. Rich wooden posts and beams run the length of the patio, just about even with the roof line and as support for the patio cover. For an intriguing, layered look, there’s also a transparent shield above to protect from precipitation while still allowing light to flood through. artful landscape wood flooring