Man Grows Amazing Backyard Forest

From on July 01, 2010 in Landscaping

backyard forest venziebackyard forest bulbsAfter moving back to his childhood home, and in the midst of caring for two parents in failing health, Ric Venzie decided he needed a retreat that could heal his mind and rejuvenate his body. He found it in the backyard of his childhood home, where he turned an everyday lawn into a spectacular lush getaway.

It was a job he tackled little by little, working on small patches of land at a time. Eventually, he had a designated woodland garden, pumpkin patch and a small forest of bamboo and redwood trees. As it grew, the land took control and became something less manicured…something wilder.

Bamboo is still Venzie’s favorite addition. In fact, he has an amazing 35 species that range in size from 6 inches to 60 feet. In the mix are two rare varieties, called Phyllostachys vivax. His extensive knowledge of the plant, along with a desire to change the misconceptions about it, has led him to teach classes on the different types and how to manage them.

backyard forest bamboo

As Venzie lets nature run its course, he’s been amazed at the vast array of animals that now use the yard for shelter and food. Birds have returned, along with a multitude of insects, groundhogs and even the occasional fox.

backyard forest landscapingbackyard forest trees

Most importantly, he has infused life into the yard he remembers spending hours playing in as a child. And that makes coming home worthwhile.

backyard forest flowers