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A Fresh Start – Springtime Home Interior Painting

February 12, 2014 in Painting

In the New Year many people want a fresh start, and your home can be a great place for that. Embody change this spring with a makeover for one or many of the rooms in your house. An easy way to do this without investing too much time or... read full post →

It’s Amazing What a True Artist Can Do

July 27, 2010 in Painting

Honestly, when you mention house painting to me, I cringe. Painting is messy, it requires a lot of preliminary steps, like taping and draping, and then there’s selecting colors. For an indecisive, klutzy person, painting can be a... read full post →

5 Insider's Painting Tips to Sell Your Home

July 26, 2010 in Painting

Everybody knows that selling your home is tough, especially in a market like this. But what most people don’t know is that there are easy, inexpensive tricks to set your home above the rest—and those tricks involve paint. In fact,... read full post →

What’s the Secret to Small Apartment Design? The Color White!

June 23, 2010 in Painting

Great things tend to come in small packages. Don’t believe me? Check out how these tiny apartments display their design genius by using a lot of the color white. They’ll have you downsizing in no time. Seriously. This... read full post →

5 Fresh Paint Trends for Summer

June 15, 2010 in Painting

If you’ve already freshened up your summer wardrobe, it’s only fair that your home get the same star treatment. Revamp your digs with these fabulously loud paint colors so your surroundings can be just as stylish as you... read full post →
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