What’s the Secret to Small Apartment Design? The Color White!

From on June 23, 2010 in Painting

Great things tend to come in small packages. Don’t believe me? Check out how these tiny apartments display their design genius by using a lot of the color white. They’ll have you downsizing in no time. Seriously. white apartment pink couch This 656-square-foot apartment in Sweden has a simple and well-organized layout, despite the multitude of books lining the shelves. The pink sofa adds the perfect amount of color to the white walls without being overpowering. white apartment kitchenThe kitchen uses the same dose of design restraint, but a bold backsplash above the stove keeps the space fun and inviting. Even a white table doesn’t seem boring. Another Swedish gem: white apartment wood flooring This apartment sits at 699 square feet, but appears to be much larger. White walls juxtaposed against a light wood floor accentuate the natural light that pours through the windows. Carefully placed accessories and accent colors keep the space from feeling stark. white apartment living room Now this apartment takes using white as a staple color to a whole new level: What it lacks in comfort it makes up for in elegance. The overabundance of white makes every color, down to the smallest flower, seem loud. white apartment flooringwhite apartment bedroom A fantastic glass window is allowed to take center-stage in the bedroom, while a beautiful blue vase lends a bit of color to the opposite wall. So what’s the common denominator in all of these conversation-worthy apartments? White, white, and more white. Try it with your own place. Besides, if you don’t like it, white is the easiest color to paint over!