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Welcome to the heart of America, the economic center of New England, the cultural capitol of the world, and the educational treasure of North America. Being a Bostonian is my biggest badge of pride, and along with the nearly 5 million people that cluster around this glorious city, it would be impossible to move me away from the place.

Somebody a long time ago called Boston “The Hub of the Universe.” I tend to agree. Now, in a modern age, I love Boston for more reasons than just the ones listed above. Living here is about living green, living beautifully, and living with the constant bustle and inspiration of many others. After all, I get to walk to work everyday. Plus, Boston has more history in any given square mile than any other city in the nation.

Whether you’re in downtown or Dorchester, owning or renting in Boston is a right, a privilege, and an adventure all its own.

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Here is what people around Boston have said about CalFinder Contractors:

I used H.O. Electric and had a great experience. The crew was professional. The customer service was great. They warrantee all their work as well which made me comfortable to work with them.

Robert B, arlington

Overall it was a great experience and we've been very pleased with the quality of the end result. Yes it was an expensive, long project but we view it as a great value / investment as we intend to make this our family's home for at least the next 30 years. The renovation has transformed this 100 year old house into a beautiful home that can sustain our modern family lifestyle and green values while appreciating it's vintage "arts & crafts" features. ***** Like an major renovation of this scale, we initially underestimated the scope and cost of our renovation project. We had come up with a guesstimate of about $350k and four months before choosing our build design team. After selecting Sustainable Construction (partnered with Zero-Energy Design for architectural and mechanical system services) based on their commitment to green renovation and positive feedback from other customers, we spent last summer refining the scope of the project and reviewing the architectural and system design plans. By the end of August, we signed contracts for $550k worth of renovation, design, and material costs with detailed project plan, milestones, and completion date for the end of April 2009 (7 months of work). We moved out into a temporary apartment in September and work began in earnest by the end of the month. ***** During the project we met on-site, weekly or biweekly, with Daniel Glickman (owner, SCSI) and/or the project foreman John Matlack, to review progress, discuss issues, and make decisions. We often dropped by early in the morning or after hours to check-in on progress or ask questions. Both Daniel and John were always available and responsive to our questions either in person, by mobile phone, or email. As foreman / project manager, John was a great, detail oriented "taskmaster" insuring quality and timeliness of the work performed by the various subcontractors and craftsmen With SCSI's oversight, all of the completed work from asbestos removal, interior demolition, insulating, HVAC system install, electrical work, plumbing, tiling, window installation, carpentry,plaster, sheet rock, painting, paving/brickwork and cleanup was of a very high quality. ***** The project was completed on time (actually a week or so early) and on budget. ***** We would highly recommend SCSI, his team and all of the subcontractors he employed for other projects.

James Glanville, Newton MA

I had John Lancaster renovate my basement and his work is incredible. He is always on the job and his attention to detail is nothing like I have seen before

Dianne Devlin, Sherborn