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Metal Roofing Pictures

“You and me and rain on the roof.” Nothing conjures up that quaint Crosby, Stills and Nash song like metal roofing. In fact, this age-old roofing option is having a modern comeback, making significant market growths over asphalt. Metal lasts longer and provides a timeless industrial chic. Both durable yet not too hefty, steel and aluminum are the stars of metal roofing.

And, no, metal roofing doesn’t rust. Formed to look like cedar tiles and slate, metal roofing can be installed to damper (and not enhance) the sound of rain on the roof. Options such as aluminum even come in standard colors and with many energy-efficient paint choices.

Metal roofing can survive extreme weather, seal out water, resist mildew and insects, minimize the sun’s heat on a home, and use the dead-air space just under the roof to increase a home’s efficiency. Now those are things to consider. Check here for a metal roof contractor to help you on your way, and enjoy these photos of the many options metal can offer.

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