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Sunroom Windows

Face it. Sometimes, you just need to get outside. But when the outdoors isn’t convenient or comfortable, you need a sunroom. Sunrooms bring the outdoors in, and give you a year-round, all-day, stay-in solution for enhancing your home’s natural beauty.

Sunrooms are not meant to an awkward protrusion to the back of your house. Tactful elements of a sunroom can come into play in a variety of ways. As our Sunroom Photo Gallery shows, sunrooms can be as simple as a screened-in deck with skylight enhancements, a garden-surrounded dining area or breakfast nook, an exercise area, a light-filled office or simply an airy sitting room. Sunrooms are one way to give your creativity free reign and come up with a great room in which to relax, to eat, to enjoy family, or just to work.

Sunrooms are all about windows, but not your ordinary windows. For example, the windows that you see in the idea gallery are not the same variety of window you would install in a bedroom or living room. Sunrooms require special windows that provide maximum visibility, weather durability, energy-efficiency, air circulation and comfortable temperatures, but also resistance to insects and the elements. That’s a tall order for something as thin as a window.

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