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Natural Stone Bathroom Counterops

Let’s face it, we put a lot of thought into our kitchen countertops, but not usually into bathroom vanity tops. That’s not shocking news, considering every home pre-2000 basically came with cultured marble bathroom counters with the sink bowls molded right in. Unimaginatively, we continued the trend by replacing them with nearly the same exact thing every time a bathroom got remodeled.

Well, never again. It’s time to start giving our bathrooms the push into the new millennium that they deserve. There are certainly more bathroom countertop materials out there than cultured marble and we need to spread the word.

Natural stone is a great addition to any bathroom. Not only is it not cultured marble, but there are innumerable looks you can accomplish with it. You have granite, marble, slate, travertine and limestone, and they each have unique finishes, patterns and variations that come in a wide variety of colors.


Granite is a fabulous countertop material. Its natural coolness and extreme durability make granite a wonderful addition to any bathroom vanity. This stone resists scratches and burns (no curling iron casualties with this baby) but can easily stain if not sealed.


Polished marble is exquisite and can add class to your bathroom. Unfortunately, it’s prone to scratching, etching and staining, especially when exposed a great deal to acidic soaps and shampoos. This may not be the best countertop material for full baths but would make an elegant addition to powder rooms.


Slate is more than beautiful - it’s hardy. Slate can resist stains and won’t react negatively to acidic soaps and shampoos. That’s the good news. The bad news is that it’s so richly textured that sometimes, it doesn’t do well as a countertop if you plan to set anything on top of it.


Limestone is a great natural stone that isn’t as popular as granite, yet possesses many of the same great qualities we admire. Its natural beauty and durability are hindered only by its susceptibility to etches and scratches over time.


Travertine is a beautiful stone that’s been around for centuries, and yet we’re just becoming familiar with its splendor here in the U.S. It’s a great hard stone that resists stains and scratches but must be sealed in order to protect it from wear.

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