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Bathroom Faucet Styles

Faucet styles vary widely, giving you an endless array of choices for your remodel. You can go with one extreme or its counterpart, selecting either an antique brass coated model with widespread handles and a long center spout, or going ultra-modern with sleek, no-fuss hardware. Of course, there’s also everything else in between. In the process of choosing between the various models, a certified bathroom remodeler can help ensure that the height, depth, and shape of the faucet will fit your sink and vanity. To help jump start your creative selection process, here are four different styles to mull over.

Modern Bathroom Faucets

Sleek, silver, stylized. These are typical characteristics of functional, stylized modern style. But don’t be fooled. This lack of embellishment is itself a form of artistic expression. Modern bathroom faucets by Trendir mix glass and metal together, and other models vary to fit in to any modern bathroom.

Some more resources for modern bathroom faucets: Modern Bathroom, Hudson Reed

Hands-Free Faucets

Water saving and hygienic, hands-free faucets turn on and off with sensors. You may be used to seeing these in commercial bathrooms, but these nifty gadgets are now ubiquitous in the home.

Waterfall Bathroom Faucets

Waterfall faucets often feature a platform design, where an angled tray hangs by a sloping cylinder. At the center of the platform, a metal rod unleashes a cascade of water that appears to flow more naturally than it would with an average faucet. Another waterfall design looks more old-fashioned, consisting of a faucet pipe made from pewter, brass, or the like. These unique faucets are growing in popularity and give your bathroom a distinctive touch.

For more information about Waterfall Faucets visit Trendir.

Antique Faucets

Antique faucets can be refurbished or simply reproduce vintage style. They are often widespread, with brass, chrome, or nickel polish. Bridge lavatory faucets are antique models that have long, pipe-like center spouts. Many antique faucets have pop-up drains.

Signature Hardware has antique reproductions, including bridge lavatory faucets and those with separate hot and cold taps.

Great news: you have an endless array of faucet choices for your bathroom remodel. However, that makes decision-making tough. If you just can’t decide what would blend well with your bathroom’s design style, or if efficiency is your main concern, we have some information to help you wade through the possibilities.


The cost of a faucet depends on the size, style and quality. You could find one as inexpensive as $40, or as much as $500 (possibly more for some models). For more help on your bathroom remodel, get in touch with a professional here.


Hands-free faucets can save water and are very hygienic.

Waterfall faucets can offer a unique, old-fashioned look.

Modern bathroom faucets are sleek and stylish.


Sensors on hands-free faucets can be fickle.

Waterfall faucets can be pricier than other models.

Modern bathroom faucets lack embellishment and are simpler than some homeowners may prefer.


The durability of your bathroom faucet depends on the manufacturer and model that you go with. With normal wear and tear, however, most bathroom faucets will last for years to come.


Bathroom faucets can usually be cleaned with the same cleaning materials used for the sink itself: nonabrasive household cleaner, a soft sponge and warm water. Dry the faucet afterward cleaning to avoid water spots.

Common Questions and Answers

What does the waterfall faucet consist of?

Waterfall faucets often feature a platform design where an angled tray hangs by a sloping cylinder. At the center of the platform, a metal rod unleashes a cascade of water that appears to flow more naturally than it would with an average faucet. Another w

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