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The Walk-In Shower

If you’re considering shower options for a bathroom remodel job, it would probably be accurate to say that the walk-in shower is among your top choices. The modern walk-in shower changes the whole concept of an enclosed shower. With no moving parts, walk-in showers feature an open end for entry and come in an endless variety of shapes and sizes. Here’s what you need to know.


The cost of adding a walk-in shower to your bathroom depends on the model used, size of the shower, and the cost of labor. It could vary greatly from bathroom to bathroom. Get a couple price quotes to know what cost you’re looking at.


Walk-in showers can be made to any specification, e.g. rounded, square, etc.

Can encompass an entire wet room, similar to those found in fancy spas.

Walk-in showers provide easy access for the elderly and homeowners with disabilities.


Walk-in showers don’t allow for the bath and shower combo.

Special considerations must be made for flooring when it comes to installing a walk-in shower.


Walk-in showers require the same type of maintenance as any other shower design—regular cleaning.

Common Questions and Answers

What should be considered when adding a walk-in shower to an existing bathroom?

A special consideration for the walk-in shower is appropriate flooring. If your bathroom would be easily damaged by vast amounts of water, or would not offer proper drainage, then i


It wasn’t until indoor plumbing became a viable option for homes in 1850 that people began using freestanding showers. However, the bath was still more popular than the shower until the second part of the 20th century.

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