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Buttressed Retaining Walls, For an Extra Wall of Support

Counterfort retaining walls are similar to cantilevers, but they have an extra wall of support. This fortifies the entire structure. However, you’d never know it was there, because the wall is hidden underneath earth and gravel. For the counterfort wall to work, the retaining section and support wall must be tied together by reinforced steel. This secondary construction makes it virtually impossible for the retaining wall to lose attachment to the footer.

Buttressed retaining walls are exactly the same as counterfort designs, but their support wall is on the outside, making it a visible part of the structure. This type of wall is very strong and reliable. Buttresses can be used in landscaping with stone or other materials. As you may gather, these types of walls are very complex and require professional engineering to be installed correctly.

Enhancing your landscape with retaining walls can be a DIY project but its best if you let the pros handle the heavy lifting. They can create curved or flowing planter boxes in the front yard, for added curb appeal. And if you live in a mountainous location, cutting out a private wall and patio area for family gatherings is a great option. Those are just a few ideas for retaining walls but there are many more. Contact CalFinder to find a landscaping contractor in your area or check out the website provided below for more retaining wall ideas.



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