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Deck and Patio Designs

Decks and patios are a staple of American living. Our wonderfully temperate climate in North America is naturally suited to outdoor lounging and recreation. Such a perfect fit has bred a multitude of deck and patio designs over the years from homeowners and designers aiming to combine our individuality, pleasure and function.

Wood or composite wood decks and concrete or stone patios are the basic templates for the ensuing panorama of designs. Stone, brick or concrete pavers can be used to create more elaborate designs underfoot. At eye level and beyond are such features as railings, pergolas, awnings, swimming pools, as well as outdoor bars and fireplaces. These all play a role in deck and patio design.

Here, you’ll find a wealth of informative articles to help you piece together your own unique deck or patio design. We cover it all from the exposed aggregate surface to the exquisite lights hanging down from above. Enhancing your research will of course be other Calfinder Library sections, such as deck and patio products and materials. Our hope is that you will enjoy a single resource to cover all your design needs, not to mention reputable deck and patio contractors to handle the muscle work for you.

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