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Brick Pavers for Stylish Decks and Patios

Thinking about getting rid of that blinding-white cement patio and replacing it with something more eye pleasing? Or, maybe you’ve got a big empty canvas and you’re starting from scratch? Consider how beautiful brick pavers would look and what a dramatic difference it will make in your total landscape scheme. The great thing about brick pavers is you can create a casual atmosphere or formal elegance and everything in between.

What are brick patio pavers?

Brick pavers interlock, are made with colored concrete, and don’t require mortar. Color tones run from dark yellows to tans and browns and birch purples.

Brick vs. brick pavers

Pavers are set in sand rather than in mortar over concrete so the cost of constructing a concrete slab is eliminated plus the pavers are less expensive.

Traditional clay brick patios are set in a mortar bed over a 4-inch slab of concrete. The bricks are leveled one at a time and then the spaces in between the bricks are filled with grout. You’re actually building two surfaces and the cost of the project will reflect that.

Paver Pros

  • There are a myriad of colors, shapes, and textures.
  • Design details such as circle kits or pool copings are easily available.
  • With their many rich colors and beautiful finishes, brick pavers can easily complement your home’s architectural design and landscape theme, whether old world or modern.
  • Affordable installation.
  • Improves home value.
  • Long life.
  • A flexible foundation; pavers laid in sand have more flexibility, which eliminates cracking.
  • With the elimination of a permanent concrete foundation comes freedom to shift the pavers should you ever have a landscape change.

Paver Cons

  • Weeds can grow in between the brick pavers.
  • Sand can get messy, especially after a good rain. The rain can bring the sand up to the surface from between small cracks. Next time you’re out on your patio you’ll most like track that sand through your house.
  • Moles can tunnel under and push up the brick.
  • Color fade.

Bottom line is if you want a traditional and awe inspiring patio but you don’t want to go broke, then brick pavers are the way to go.

A final note. Though it may appear like a simple job it’s not. There’s a lot of digging, grading, and leveling and the prep work needs to be accurate if you want a patio that will last a long time. My advice – hire a landscape contractor and get the job done right.

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