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Outdoor Lighting

In filmmaking, lighting is arguably the most important aspect of any scene. The way that the actors, rooms, and film set are lit is the subtle driver of drama in any film, and those involved work tirelessly to draw attention to the details that matter, be it the simple turn of a wrist, the raise of an eyebrow or the dim reflection in a distant mirror.

Outdoor lighting schemes for the home are similar. Think about the ways they define the scene that you and your visitors see when approaching your house or meandering through the landscape. Not only does outdoor lighting safely guide guests up the drive and to the door, but it can also bring artistry and ambiance to your home and neighborhood.

Choices in outdoor lighting range from the standard entryway, deck and security lighting to the more stylistic - the many types of accent lighting. In the following articles, you will learn all about outdoor lighting, complete with tips on how to transform your house from a black shape in the darkness to a well-crafted scene that will keep people coming back for moreā€¦ not to mention provide a safe and secure pathway to the house and through the garden.

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