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Get a Handle on Your Fencing Hardware

A good fence relies on hinges, latches and other hardware to keep it working in a smooth and orderly fashion. With so many options available, getting the right piece of hardware for your fence is key to longevity and overall performance. Check out the fence hardware from hooverfence.com, they offer deals in bulk and customized fencing hardware. You may then want to hire a professional contractor to help with the installation.

DecoMold Hinge - This is made of glass-fiber reinforced molding technology. It’s an ornamental hinge that won’t rust, stain or bind. Built from a polymer and slightly thicker than a metal hinge, this self-closing hinge is compatible with any gate and can support up to 55 lbs.

Plain “T” Hinge – It’s the basic metal hinge used for large gates and barns. It comes in black and is rust-resistant. This item is sold in singles, pairs and in a package of twenty. Other hinges available are Kwik-Fit Hinges, Multi-Adjust Hinges and standard Butt Hinges.

Magna-Latch – This magnetic gate latch requires the face of the gate and fence to be on the same plane for the latch to work properly. When the gate is pushed shut, a high-powered magnet pulls the locking bolt into the receiver, making it a self-closing gate.

Adjustable Gravity Latch – Standard latches like the Gravity Latch use a striker bar on one side of the gate, while an angled plate and receiver attach on the post. Once the bar is closed, the gate can’t be re-opened unless the receiver is opened. This is the typical latch but numerous custom latches and prices are available.

Non-Sag Gate Kit – Install this gate kit to prevent a gate from sagging or working improperly. It can fix a gate as well if the gate is not straight. The kit comes with a truss-cable, wires, brackets, hinges, screws and a turnbuckle.

Decorative Handle – Creating your own gate? A metal handle is useful for wood, iron and ornamental gates. It’s standard for most gates and comes coated in a black powder finish.

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