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Tile Size

Making a decision about which type of tile to select is not easy, because tile has so many options. One of the options has to do with the size of the tile. And yes, you can find tile in just about any size you want.

Large Tile

Large tiles are the current trend in tiling. Tiles in the large category are generally no smaller than 8"x8” but can be as large as 24"x24”. Large tiles definitely have some significant advantages. For one, they create more visual interest. When someone looks at a floor with large tile, there is more tile to see and fewer unsightly grout joints. Tile flooring sizeSince your floor is supposed to be tile anyway, you would rather have more of it than more joints. Besides, fewer joints mean less grout maintenance. Large tile is also beneficial for smaller rooms in particular because it gives the room a larger feel.

The difficulty with installing large tile is that there is potentially more cutting that could be difficult for the amateur. Large tile also requires a perfectly even floor in order to lie flat.

Small Tile

Despite its decline in popularity, small tile still holds some appeal. With small tile, there can be more colors, patterns, unique designs, borders and even pictures. Mosaic tiles, as they are called, usually come joined together in sheets of 12”x12”. Installing small tiles takes considerably more time, and with the extra grout joints and the busy look that they sometimes portray, a choice of larger tiles is often understandable.

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