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Tile Style

Your style selection will be affected by your preference of layout, durability, size, color, texture, hardness and porosity. Each of these factors have a big impact on the style of your tile. Selecting a style is no simple task, but there are some general rules regarding tile style.

Traditional Styles

In order to evoke a traditional style, medium to large tile should be used. Don’t choose colors that are too bright or too dark. Muted or lighter tones are best, including tan, beige and white. For a sophisticated look, choose tiles that are shiny, such as marble or porcelain.

Natural Styles

If it’s an earthy or green look you like, choose tiles of stone or clay. Greater texture is often selected for a natural feel, as well as a natural look. Colors like green, gray, tan, brown or variations and mixtures of these colors are ideal.

Contemporary Styles

Contemporary styles often employ large tiles and bright colors. Some designers who prefer a retro or vintage look may also occasionally use small tiles or make creative use of mosaic. Glass, multicolored tiles and unique designs can give an international flair to your design.

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