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Bathroom Home Addition

Are you sick of waiting in line to use the bathroom in your own home? Then it may be time to add a bathroom onto the house and make life a whole lot easier. Here’s some more information to get you started.


The cost of converting an existing space into a bathroom ranges from $3,000 to $6,000, depending on the complexity of the layout and costs of materials and labor. Creating new floor space for an entirely new bathroom can cost from $25,000 to $60,000 for luxury designs. It’s best to get a couple price quotes from local contractors and go from there.


Adding a bathroom immediately increases your home’s value.

Bathroom additions make living with others easier and more comfortable.

Designing an all-new bathroom means that you can custom-create the space to fit your needs.


If you don’t plan wisely, adding a bathroom can be expensive.

Bathrooms may be more complicated than other home additions, as things like plumbing and ventilation must be taken care of.


The maintenance required of a bathroom addition is the same as any other room in the home, and is usually limited to regular cleaning. The type of cleaning depends on the materials used to construct the space—tile, carpet, etc.

Common Questions and Answers

How much of the price of a bathroom addition can be recouped when selling?

According to Realtor Magazine, homeowners can recoup 74-90% of the cost of a bathroom addition when selling their home.

How much space is needed in order to make a bathroom addition feasible?

The space needed depends on the type of bathroom you are looking to add. A half bath requires about 18 square feet of space, a bathroom that includes a standing shower requires 30 square feet, and a bathroom that includes both a shower and tub needs at le

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