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Gable Dormer

Typical in the English Tudor style, gabled dormers have gabled roofs, with two sloping planes that meet in the center. In addition to adding light and ventilation to an attic space, they are also very aesthetically pleasing. Here is what you need to know.


On average, gable dormers cost between $3,000 (4-foot gable) and $11,500 (30-foot gable), depending on the size, type of roofing materials, and cost of labor. Get a price quote to gauge your own project cost.


The sloped sides of a gabled dormer keep snow and rain from building up on the roof.

Gabled dormers are less expensive to build than other dormers.

They can help add light, ventilation, and head room to a home.


Gabled dormers can be susceptible to damage in areas where high winds are common.

May be more dangerous to replace the roofing materials covering a gabled dormer than other dormers.


The durability of gable dormers depends on the materials used to construct them. It’s suggested that they are not installed in areas of high winds, as they can be damaged easily and compromise the surface of your roof.

Common Questions and Answers

What home styles normally use the gable roof dormer?

Gable dormers are most commonly seen in Colonial Revival, Georgian, Shingle, Queen Anne, Stick, Chateau-esque, and Tudor style homes.

What is the purpose of gable vents?

Gable vents are installed on the exterior of the home to allow for ventilation. They can expel heat and humidity in the summer while getting rid of the condensation build-up in the winter that leads to mold and mildew. This type of vent is supposed to be


The dormer was first used in the 16th century by French architect Francois Mansart. Gable dormers became popular in Cape Cod style homes from 1600s to 1950.

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