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Shed Dormers

The simplest form of dormer, shed dormers have a roof with a single sloping plane. This style is found in Arts & Crafts, Cape Cod and Colonial Revival architecture. If headroom and natural lighting is something your home lacks, then here’s some more information to get you started.


Shed dormer additions are typically larger and involve a lot of cutting, so costs fluctuate quite a bit depending on the size of your desired dormer. Get a price quote to better gauge your project costs.


One of the largest dormers available, shed dormers provide an ample amount of extra space and headroom in the second story.

Shed dormers are among the easiest to design and install.

They also maximize the amount of daylight brought indoors.


Some homeowners don’t find shed dormers to be as aesthetically pleasing as other types of dormers.

They can make one side of the home more susceptible to the elements.


Since shed dormers mimic the shape of the original home more than other dormers, they are sturdier and more durable. However, the durability is also dependent on the materials used to construct the dormer, so it’s best to check with your contractor about proper care and maintenance for your new addition.

Common Questions and Answers

Why are shed dormers easier to install than other types of dormers?

Shed dormers are generally easier to install because the new dormer frame sits on the frame of the home’s original structure. This also makes them easier to seal as well.

What precautions need to be taken before installing a shed dormer?

Whether you are planning on tackling this project yourself or hiring a professional, it’s important that a thorough inspection of the roof and rafters is conducted beforehand. We recommend removing the least amount of rafters possible during construction

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