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Playroom Addition

Sick of walking through mountains of toys in your living room? Then your home could certainly from a new playroom. Playroom additions not only house the mess, but give your kids a place where they can really let loose and have fun. Here’s some more information on how you can make that happen.


Most playrooms are defined by their kid-friendly decor. So the price of transforming any room into a playroom depends upon the material choices you go with (including paint, flooring, built-in shelving, cubbies, and more). The sky is the limit. Talk to a licensed contractor about the possibilities for your space, and get price quotes to weigh your options.


The kid-friendly space allows a wide age range of children to play without constant adult supervision.

Playrooms can keep toy clutter contained to one room, and teach children how to sort, care for, and organize their own belongings.

A playroom can house all the creativity that wouldn’t be appropriate (or mess-free!) in other areas of the home.


Playrooms can turn into junk rooms if they aren’t organized properly.

A playroom tends to be age-sensitive and will most likely have to be re-done when the kids get older.

If a home is short on space, then dedicating an entire room to play may not make sense.


In most homes, playrooms tend to undergo a significant amount of wear and tear, so it’s very important to choose flooring, furniture, and wall coverings that won’t be easily damaged by small children. This will ensure that the structural integrity will last until the kids are older.


Organization and cleaning are huge when it comes to maintaining a playroom. Make sure to regularly disinfect surfaces that are prone to carrying germs, and be ready to clean the floor and walls when need be (cleaning will vary depending on the materials you go with).

Also, make sure to keep book shelves, storage bins, and plenty of other organizational tools handy to keep toys in their proper place.

Common Questions and Answers

What is the best flooring for a playroom?

There are a few durable, long-lasting flooring options that would work great in a playroom. Both foam and carpet tiles are excellent because they are easy to clean and can be replaced if stains occur. You can also opt for linoleum or nap-friendly carpet i

What can help separate a playroom from other rooms in the home?

Perhaps one of the most important distinguishing factors is color. A playroom should be whimsical and fun and can utilize colors that wouldn’t belong anywhere else in the home.

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