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Laundry Room Addition

Everybody wants a nice, convenient place to do their laundry as quick as possible—and in-house laundry room additions are popular for just that reason. If you need your washer and dryer to be closer to the bedrooms or if you simply want more space to get everything done, then you should consider a laundry room addition of your own.


Laundry room additions range from a few thousand to $5,000-$6,000, depending on the size and complexity of what you’re looking for. Because this is a small addition compared to bedrooms and bathrooms, you can certainly find a cost-effective solution to meet your needs. It’s best to get a few price quotes for your project and go from there.

Some things to consider are new appliances (do your washer and dryer need replacing?), desired square footage of the new space, shelving or organizational systems, electrical, plumbing, ventilation, etc.


A laundry room addition is incredibly convenient for all members of a household.

The laundry room can serve double-duty as a mudroom if located on the main level.

This addition can be custom-designed to fit your needs, from multifunctional storage to fold-out shelving and ironing boards.


Depending on where the laundry room is being added and what work needs to be done to the space, this can be a costly project.

Laundry room additions must be built with both plumbing and electrical in mind.


The maintenance required of a laundry room addition is generally limited to regular cleaning and ensuring that both the washer and dryer are working properly. Any leaks should be repaired immediately, as these can cause damage to the rest of the house.

Common Questions and Answers

What should be considered when determining the best space for a laundry room addition?

It’s important to first figure out where the water lines are located on your property, as a laundry room will always require access to water. It’s also good to decide if you want to incorporate a mud room into the design, and if the addition will have acc

Besides a contractor, what other professionals might need to be contacted for a laundry room addition?

If you plan on adding onto your home’s existing footprint, it’s always good to consult with an architect to ensure that the addition works with the home’s design. You may also need to have a structural engineer make sure that


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