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Second Story Addition Costs

If your home no longer fits your growing family but you aren’t yet ready to move, it may be time to consider adding on to your property. Many homeowners opt for a second-story addition because of the remarkable amount of space it adds. Here’s some more information about how much second-story additions typically cost.

Average Costs

It’s important to note that a second-story addition does cost, on average, about 20% more than adding that same square footage to the first floor. This usually translates to about $100-$300 per square foot (professionally-built) for an addition that includes 2-3 bedrooms, a bathroom and stairs.

second story addition costs

However, if the floor plan is more complex in nature or uses high-end materials, your second-story addition could cost as much as $400-$500 per square foot.

Extra Costs to Consider

Additional costs usually include the cost of hiring a structural engineer to check out your home’s foundation beforehand ($200-$700), and hiring an architect to draw up precise plans of the addition ($700-$10,000).

Then, you should also factor in building permits that must be obtained, as well as a inspection by the local city officials. The best way to figure an exact cost for your project is to get a price quote from a licensed contractor. Only then will you be able to budget and plan accordingly.


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