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Second Story Deck

Whether you want the perfect spot for entertaining or a place to enjoy the view, adding a second-story deck to your home can deliver outstanding results. Here is some more information to help you get started.


The cost of adding a second-story deck addition depends primarily on the size of the deck, level of quality, and cost of labor in your area. Wood can cost from $10 to $24 per square foot, composite decking $20 per square foot, and vinyl from $13 to $22 per square foot. Rails, steps, and benches will cost more. Get a few free price quotes to better estimate your project.


Adding a second-story deck gives you the ultimate place to entertain.

If planned wisely, decks can be a cost-effective addition.

In many cases, the cost of your deck addition can be recouped upon resale.


Adding a deck means more outdoor maintenance for homeowners.

Some decking materials have to be replaced after only a few years.

Not all regions allow for year-round enjoyment of a deck.


The durability of a second-floor deck addition depends in large part on the materials used. The three main decking materials available are wood (cedar, pine, redwood, etc.), composite materials, and vinyl. Wood may be the most durable, lasting 40+ years if properly maintained, compared to 5 years for a composite deck.


While a vinyl deck may only need to be cleaned once in awhile, the cleaning process can be a tricky one. The suggested cleaners tend to leave a film on the surface, and vinyl must really be scrubbed. A wood deck will require sealing every few years, but only has to be rinsed on a regular basis with a garden hose. Composite decking requires cleaning similar to vinyl.

Common Questions and Answers

Does a second-story deck addition require zoning approval?

Yes, any project that may exceed a home’s existing boundaries requires that a zoning officer approve the project. In addition, if the deck impacts neighboring homes in any way, neighbor consent may be required as well.

Is a building permit required for second-story deck additions?

Yes, building a second-story deck addition requires a building permit following the approval of your local building department. Often times, they will also require that you show what type of material you will be using, as some chemically treated woods are

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