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Travertine Backsplashes Add Beauty to the Kitchen

As with other natural stones, Travertine is a very popular kitchen backsplash choice thanks to its extreme durability and elegant appearance. However, the porous nature of travertine may have some homeowners thinking twice. Here are the facts.


Travertine tiles can cost as little as $2 per square foot, but can also run considerably more than that depending on where the travertine is from, the thickness of the tile, and the quality of the stone. Installation is an additional cost and will depend on the size of the job. Get free estimates from a contractor in your area for more specific cost info.


Features a unique, high-end appearance.

Travertine tiles are easy to cut, shape and install in small spaces.

Since it is a natural stone, travertine is extremely durable and can last for decades.


Requires more maintenance than other backsplash materials.

Must be periodically resealed to protect from stains.

Travertine is porous and susceptible to stains.


As with most other natural stones, travertine is extremely durable, especially as a backsplash. Expect for it to last for decades if it is well-maintained.


Because travertine is more porous than other natural stones, regularly cleaning your backsplash is important. Only use a mild soap, as an abrasive cleaner may damage the finish. Also, immediately clean any acidic-based stains off the surface to avoid permanent damage.

Common Questions and Answers

What are the different Travertine finishes to choose from?

Travertine comes in four finishes: polished (shiny and reflective), honed (smooth and slightly less shiny), brushed (grainy with a more natural look), and tumbled (also natural but with more texture).

Are there other variations of Travertine tile that can affect its look?

The way that Travertine is cut can affect the way it appears. If it is cross-cut, then it is cut with the grain for a more uniform color and texture. If it is vein-cut, then several layers of the stone bedding appear to create a more unique striped effect

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