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Sonoma Cast Stone Kitchen Countertops

An amazing meal begins with basic ingredients: olive oil, spices, herbs, and wine that are then blended with vegetables, grains and meat. Amazing kitchens operate with the same modus operandi; it’s the ingredients – cabinets, floors, and countertops – that create an extraordinary kitchen. Sonoma Cast Stone gives you the right ingredients to transform your kitchen into a designer showpiece.

Sonoma Cast Stone creates luxurious countertops and counter tiles, innovative and functional sinks, artistic stove surrounds, exotic wall tiles and durable, long-lasting concrete floors.

Sonoma kitchen countertops

Sonoma’s 4 Beautiful Surface Options:

Classic Concrete features all the attributes concrete offers – beauty, durability and versatility – and it comes in numerous color choices. The surface is diamond-polished and then sealed and waxed for a truly gorgeous countertop.

NuCrete is stainless concrete that will protect your investment long after that red wine is spilled. There are no epoxy finishes on the surface – it’s stainless because of Sonoma’s innovative ingredients. There are 24 exquisite colors to choose from and custom colors are available.

EarthCrete is sustainable, durable, stain-free, lighter and less expensive than the other lines. EarthCrete meets high environmental standards and comes in 3 forms: stainless NuCrete, Classic, and Mold Release, which is often used for fireplace surrounds and pavers.

Sonoma kitchen countertopsMetalCrete features a metallic sheen in an array of colors. The solid concrete is plated with a metal finish. Available in countertops, sinks and tiles.

Sonoma’s hand-finished concrete counters are architecturally stimulating and far from commonplace. They’re elegant and streamlined in appearance with their clean lines and hygienic feel. Sonoma kitchen countertopsThey’re offered in rich colors like smoke, thyme, mushroom, butter, honey, pistachio, beeswax and lichen, to name a few. Available in EarthCrete, StainlessCrete and ClassicCrete.

A decorative concrete stove surround will add a sense of depth and character to your kitchen. It allows for many design possibilities and functional applications, such as adding a shelf for cooking oils and spices or hanging hooks or rail system for knives and ladles.

Sonoma kitchen countertops

Sonoma’s unique concrete wall tiles add texture and richness. They’re perfect for a backsplash or an entire wall. They’re available in numerous colors, including earth tones of wheat, sand and patina. Tiles also available in MetalCrete and Metallica, a hammered copper surface.

Sonoma kitchen countertops

Sonoma kitchen countertopsThe Pre-cast concrete tiles and pavers come in a wide range of styles, shapes, sizes, textures and rich colors, including charcoal gray, cinnamon brown, dazzling copper and warm shades of cocoa. Applications include flooring, walls and ceilings, both indoor and outdoor. If you need decorative tile for any room in the house, Sonoma has it. You can also find bamboo tiles and glassy SlickStone tiles.

The MetalCrete option shown below gives you the look of stainless steel without the worry of scratches. The design possibilities are endless, as the surfaces can be partially plated for a large range of artistic designs. They come in various patterns and textures. Finishes include real copper, steel, pewter, bronze, brass and nickel.

Sonoma kitchen countertops


The answer to your kitchen sink dilemma is the practical pre-cast ChefSink, a sink for the passionate chef who will appreciate the built-in gliding stainless steel strainer for easy draining of freshly washed vegetables. The wavy sink divider adds interest and creates more space for larger pots and pans. They also produce beautiful concrete farm sinks that add an Old World design touch, under-mount sinks for a sleek metropolitan look and easier care, as well as integrated prep sinks for a more efficient kitchen.

Sonoma kitchen countertops

About Sonoma Cast Stone

The maker of fine concrete designer elements, Sonoma Cast Stone also produces petite sinks, cabinets, vanities, benches, bathtubs & bath sinks, vessel sinks, fireplace surrounds, garden sculptures, garden planters and fountains. Located in Petaluma, CA, Sonoma has dealers across the nation.

Famous for its durability, concrete is quickly becoming a popular choice for kitchen countertops. Sonoma Cast Stone has been designing spectacular concrete countertops for over a decade. If you want countertops that really set your kitchen design apart from the rest, you should look into this brand. Here’s some more info to get you started.


On average, concrete products cost about $180 per square foot. However, Sonoma Cast Stone kitchen countertops are sold through a network of dealers across the country—not directly from the manufacturer. Find a dealer who can give you an accurate price quote here. And when you’re ready for installation, get a couple price quotes from local contractors.


Sonoma offers four countertop finishes to best suit your kitchen.

All Sonoma countertop products are extremely durable.

Many of these countertops are also stain-resistant. See individual products for more info.


All concrete countertops can crack under certain extreme conditions.

Sonoma Cast Stone countertops are more expensive than other countertop material choices.


All Sonoma Cast Stone products are highly durable, and can easily withstand the wear and tear of a normal kitchen. Expect them to last for decades to come.


While classic concrete requires occasional waxing and resealing, Sonoma NuCrete does not. However, all countertops should be regularly cleaned with a mild, non-abrasive soap and soft cloth or sponge.

Common Questions and Answers

Are Sonoma Cast Stone countertops poured into place or are they pre-cast?

All concrete slabs are pre-cast at the company’s facility in Petaluma, CA. They do this to prevent the cracking that can occur when the concrete is poured in place.

How many colors does Sonoma offer for their countertops?

They have 24 colors to choose from in all, 12 of which are natural colors and 12 of which are designer colors.

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