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Define the Boundaries of your Lawn

You can use wood, stone, masonry, or plastic to create edging for your lawn. The simplest way to do this is to cut a shallow trench at the lawn’s outer boundary. This area must be maintained on a regular basis, if not, weeds and soil erosion will wear it down. For a more permanent look to your landscape, check out some of these edging options.

Pavers Add Flavor

Pavers look like brick, but they’re much stronger. Some people will use regular masonry bricks, but they aren’t as tough as concrete pavers. Any barrier, whether it’s plastic or concrete, is designed to hold in materials. If you use pavers as a border, use them for all of your flower beds. It’s not a rule, but it just makes the landscaping look consistent. Pavers are strong and durable and able to keep organic material in the beds. Once the interlocking pavers are in place, insert a ring of decorative metal flashing just in front of the pavers. This prevents soil from slipping through the tiny cracks in the concrete border.

Plastic Gives You the Edge

Gardeners will stand by the use of plastic to create a razor sharp edge. Here’s how it works. Start by cutting into your lawn around the flowerbeds that need help. Remove the dirt from the cut turf and start to work in your plastic squares. You need high-quality plastic in order for this to work; the less expensive stuff will break up after a few seasons. Press the plastic into the edge you’re trying to form. Leave about 1 inch of plastic above the surface; this prevents water runoff.

Other Edging Possibilities:

  • Flagstone
  • Diagonal brick
  • Recycle bottles
  • Cast concrete
  • Cobblestone
  • Rock

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