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Whether you’re a natural to gardening, having been born with a green thumb, or you’re a struggling garden artist, there’s one thing for sure: gardening is hard work. It takes a lot of designing, planning, and sweat (but hopefully not tears) to make a successful garden, but once you get it accomplished it can be extremely rewarding.

Determining what type of a garden you want is probably the easiest step and you most likely already have in mind what you’d like to grow. Deciding exactly which plants to select for your garden can be a bit trickier though. The key is to find plants that complement each other and that can thrive in similar conditions.

Your garden doesn’t have to be limited to flowers or vegetables, though, consider other garden features as well. Things like ponds, fountains, trees, and shrubs can be excellent accents to a garden.

Don’t just plan for the good stuff, though. In order to have a successful garden, you need to plan on learning how to deal with some not so pleasant aspects as well, like how to prevent plant diseases and get rid of garden pests like insects and mammals such as deer and rabbits. Armed with the right knowledge found in the following articles, you can soon enjoy the beauty and/or bounty of a winning garden in your own yard.

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