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Drip Irrigation

In this section of our landscaping library you will get to know the basics of a residential drip irrigation system, including its many components.

Along with the rotor sprinkler, drip irrigation may be the most important innovation to affect agriculture in the last century. Drip irrigation is fast becoming the preferred method of watering on farms, lawns, and landscapes around the world. The main reason being that drip systems waste very little water because that water can be focused directly on the root system of the plant.

For homeowners especially, drip systems are a blessing because they are easy to install and design and can be inexpensive. Also called trickle irrigation, it works by watering slowly, directly to the soil (some systems are installed underground to get straight to the roots) and only where necessary. Another benefit of drip irrigation is the prevention of fungal diseases that can result from overwatering.

A drip system has many components, beginning with a backflow preventer on the hose bib and ending with the last emitter, which drip-drops the water at the base of the plant. It is usually best to purchase all components from the same manufacturer to ensure compatibility.

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