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Brick Patio Pavers, Symbolizing the American Patio

Bricks are the most common form of patio paver. They offer an affordability and formality that has come to symbolize the American patio. Their relatively smooth surface and tight connection makes them among the easiest patios to walk on. Brick pavers are prone to cracking or chipping due to small irregularities in their surface. Compared to a poured concrete patio, however, this is easy to solve by simply replacing the damaged paver.

Brick pavers are commonly seen in their classic rectangular shape with several different patterns built off of that. Yet there are many different shapes of brick pavers, as well as colors. Brick pavers may be set into a mortar or sand bed, while mortarless brick pavers are quickly growing in popularity. Mortared pavers are very strong and durable despite a tendency to crack because of ground movement (usually due to frost heave).

Brick pavers may be left unfinished but, in order to maintain surface color and texture, a honed, polished or flamed finish should be applied—repeated every few years.

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