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Long-Living Koi Symbolize Peace in Your Backyard

Koi are deeply colored fish that can trace their ancestral roots all the way back to the garden ponds of Japan. They are a gentle but uniquely designed fish symbolic of peace and serenity. That’s why they have become popular in many backyard ponds and pools.

Because they are so distinctive and easy to maintain, some have made raising koi a labor of love. If you are a koi hobbyist or want to start, the first thing you can do is map out a great location for the pond.

Installing the water feature can be a DIY project, but remember koi thrive in deep, clear water. Excavating a multi-level hole requires experience and knowledge. The experts also advise that bigger is better. If you have the resources and space, building a large pond is the best route to take.

Location and style

When it comes to koi ponds, keep in mind that partial sun is good for these fish. They do need to take refuge from time to time but some sun in the morning is a good thing for this fish. Try to keep the location easily accessible and close to the house. You want to be able to enjoy feeding the fish and maintaining their habitat.

Sometimes it’s not all about the fish, for many it’s about displaying the aquatic plants, wooden bridges, and other pond formations, from tranquil waterfalls or fountains, to the rocks and boulders. It can be about the total picture. Style of ponds can be formal looking, meaning they’re rectangular, square, or circular. Or they can be natural looking ponds, like the one we just described.

Care and habitat

Koi are a resilient and long-living fish that are easy to care for. The two factors that are crucial to their survival are clean water and regular nutrition. The former is more important than the latter. Koi can go for weeks without food but may not last more then 24 hours in foul water. Be careful of green algae. Ammonia excreted from koi combining with nitrates in the water can trigger the growth of green algae. A proper functioning water filtration system is the best way to combat this dilemma. If you decide to hire a contractor or company specializing in fish pond installation CalFinder.com will find a certified contractor or company that will assist you in this project.

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