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What’s New in Wallpaper?

When brightening up your home with wallpaper, it’s important to know what the stuff is made of. Some big product changes have occurred over the years; Stronger and more durable types of wallpaper allow the homeowner to decorate in high-humidity rooms without the fear of potential damage caused by day-to-day living. So, if you’re thinking about redecorating, now’s the time to learn about the latest advances.

Vinyl coated paper – Treated with acrylic or polyvinyl chloride, this type of wallpaper is highly resistant to moisture. It’s the perfect choice for the bathroom or kitchen. It’s also easy to clean - dirt, grease and other surface smudges are washed away easily thanks to vinyl protection.

Paper backed or sheet vinyl – This type of wallpaper has pulp or paper attached to vinyl. It’s great for any climate and functions nicely in kids’ rooms, kitchens or bathrooms. It’s another type of wallpaper that’s easy to clean-up and resistant to dirt and smudges.

Fabric coated – This variety comes with an underlying layer of fabric and is coated with a vinyl spray. It’s more susceptible to moisture and humidity, so the best room for this wallpaper is a dry one. Living rooms and bedrooms with ceiling fans are very fabric-coated friendly.

Fabric backed vinyl – Durable and long lasting epitomizes this type of wallpaper. Manufacturers laminate fabric to solid vinyl, making this wallpaper very resilient. It cleans easily and lasts for a long time.

Paper wallpaper —This is the least protective wall covering available. Before using it, check with instructions or ask an expert about the best way to apply.



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