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Concrete Pavers

Concrete Pavers offer an entire universe of paving design, color, shape possibilities, as well as a multitude of benefits and advantages.


Utilized in both commercial and residential applications, the most common residential applications for concrete pavers include driveways, walkways, pool decks, and patios.


The myriad benefits of concrete pavers include their unlimited styles, colors and designs, low maintenance, durability, safety, strength, versatility, adaptability to all weather conditions, flexible integrity, and ease of installation and repair. Interlocking concrete pavers offer flexibility, moving in unison with the earth below them, thus avoiding serious damage.


Concrete pavers are low-maintenance and offer low life-cycle costs. Pressure washing with cleaners or solvents is the best process for heavy dirt. Replacement of stained or broken pavers is simple. Herbicides and sealers may be utilized for weed and insect control. Pavers are simple to maintain with regular sweeping and occasional rinsing with a hose.


Color is an important issue in outdoor design and a powerful decorating tool that can visually expand or contract an area, add the impression of light or depth, warmth or coolness. You can reflect light and open up an area with lighter colors and make an area appear smaller with darker tones.

Special Designs and Shapes

Their design may also be employed to delineate specific areas or to add flow and beauty to a property.

With concrete pavers, design possibilities are virtually endless, offering variations of architectural style, colors, shapes, patterns and blends. A classic concrete paver design is a multi-colored body with monotone edging. The multi-colored pavers hide stains and the edging provides a solidly defined frame. You can have pavers installed that echo architectural elements, or that play off the building materials of the house.

Concrete Paver Patterns

For information about typical patterns for concrete pavers, please see the CalFinder article entitled “Paving Stone Patterns.”

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