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Garden Pavers

Garden pavers are a fascinating topic because there is a wide variety of landscaping applications for these pavers, including creating paved areas to provide direction, for entertaining, for vehicles, garden beds, surrounds and retaining walls.

Pavers are used in gardens for pathways, walkways and stepping stones. They also provide direction and guidance to visitors seeking to find their way around the garden area.

When used for patios, pergolas, courtyards and terraces, garden pavers are ideal for all kinds of entertaining al fresco. Naturally, it’s important to select just the right kind of pavers for entertaining because you don’t want anyone to slip or trip and become injured.

To provide a cohesive design, the pavers you use in your garden next to parking areas should be the same as those you use for vehicle parking. Paved parking is much cleaner than unpaved parking.

Pavers are also ideal for edging around garden areas, to protect against trampling by unwitting visitors.

When used for retaining walls, pavers are ideal for raised gardens, sloped or steep land, and for storm water management to allow water to flow and drain.

Benefits of Garden Pavers

Garden pavers provide a safer environment, protecting visitors and family members from injury. Paver lights are available for use along a garden path to guide people to their vehicles in the evening.

Beyond their practical benefits, garden pavers are also just plain attractive.

Garden Paver Maintenance

It is essential to maintain garden pavers with a periodic washing, coating of sealant and repairs to any loose pavers, especially because of the obvious safety issues.

There are cleaning products on the market as well. If you have oil stains from a vehicle’s leaking oil tank, other kinds of grease and grime, efflorescence or moss and algae, it’s important to attend to the cleaning promptly with a cleaning solutions that is designed for the job.

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