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Not Your Everyday Paver: Glass Pavers

Glass as a paving material is generally available in the form of blocks. Glass blocks for paving use must be chosen specifically, because the type of glass blocks used for windows and walls does not have the strength and durability required for use in flooring. Glass block pavers, especially when illuminated from below, can be striking accents to interiors in homes of all styles, from traditional to contemporary. And, while glass can be used as paving material in outdoor settings, the use of under-lighting must meet drainage and other exterior considerations in order to be a viable option.

A manufacturer that uses recycled glass to produce pavers is Wausa Tile. Recycled glass can be made into pavers that meet or exceed the ASTM industry standards for compressive and flexural strength, water absorption, and freeze-thaw testing. These pavers are generally sandblasted for slip-resistant surfaces, and while they may not be conducive to use with sub-lighting, they come in a wide variety of colors and can be beautiful without feature lighting.

Among the options offered for consideration are kits, either prefabricated or custom-designed, that provide a structural frame and a prefabricated panel of glass blocks to be installed in a two-step process – first the frame, and then the panel of glass blocks.

Other Useful Information

Glass flooring can have stunning architectural impact and appeal, and once the primary safety considerations are assured, there are many options for incorporating glass pavers and glass block pavers into residential and commercial environments. Clear, translucent, and frosted finishes give a range of effects not available with more traditional, opaque flooring materials.

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